Content Marketing:
from ideas to results

We set the tone, we write the lyrics, and play the instruments. You enjoy the sound.

„Music before all else.” Paul Verlaine, Ars Poetica, 1855


Picture your brand as an undiscovered talent. The clients are eager to come to your shows... but they do not know that, yet! With an exceptional content, your chances to become known are increasing exponentially. Let us be your content managers. Here’s how we work.

  • Vocalization

    Content Audit

    Everything starts from the voice and prestige that you already have. We analyze the current communication of your brand, from site and blog to social media, e-mails, media presence, and positioning in searching engines.
  • Rehearsals, rehearsals

    Editorial plans

    To hit the road, we need a monthly plan. We analyze key words, we choose the instruments to ensure your way to success and we prepare them. We create action plans for website, blog, and social media.
  • Live concerts


    The life of an artist is an uninterrupted concert. The same can applied to the way in which a brand communicates. We make sure that the previously established content plans are well implemented and your instruments play smoothly.
  • Studio Albums


    Either your business is a budding artist or has reached maturity, it must always produce new albums. In our studio, we measure the impact of your online communication and we deal with the maintainance of the used instruments.
Andrei Prescură, SEO & Content Strategist, Romanian Copywriter

Content marketing means a long-term, well-established plan, and uninterrupted communication. It all starts from the SEO strategy based on the carefully selection of key words and the topics of interest for your audience. What role do we play? We contribute to the organic growth of your brand’s visibility and the number of leads for your business, through content.

Let's rock!

What can we do for you?

We provide complete content marketing solutions in order to transform the communication of your business in art. Our solutions have long-term impact. Our role is to organically increase your audience by means content, be it text, photo or video

  • SEO & content audit

    We use modern analysis tools in order to identify the current state of your website, be it a presentation website or an online store. We suggest solutions meant to improve your website’s position within the searching engines based on the identified keywords.
  • Branding and digital identity

    You either are at the beginning of your journey and you need a visual approach in communication, or you need a rebranding, you can count on us. We create the identity of your business, from logo, brand manual, and rules of visual and written communication.
  • Creation of a presentation website

    Does your content marketing strategy require the creation of a website or a change in the current one? We have it covered! We use WordPress for simplicity. We work with predefinied templates, or we create custom ones, according to your needs and wishes.
  • Content writing

    We write unique, optimized, and valuable content for your potential clients. From presentation websites, blog articles, ads, ebooks, educational video scripts, nothing can escape from our experimented content writers.
  • Social media content

    Is your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram? We surely hope so! We will help you build your social presence through editorial plans, content strategies, posts writing and publishing. Let us handle your social pages from scratch!
  • SEO Maintainance

    Google algorithms are constantly changing. Our team makes sure that your site attracts organic traffic and appears in the top positions in the search engines. We monitor and propose improvement solutions, both on-page and off-page.


Ovidiu Bălcăcian, co-founder The Pharmacy

Cătălin is one of the most passionate, dedicated and well-trained copywriters in Romania. I say this, especially since I have the opportunity to work with him constantly, and these qualities have been tested in our campaigns and have generated very good results. There are many reasons why I recommend collaborating with him at any time, but I will limit myself to saying that he is a professional when it comes to online, and a pragmatic, results-oriented collaborator.

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    Why work with us?

    If you want to be a rockstar or you're already one who is still looking for his voice, you need a content manager. To have a good relationship throughout the collaboration, here are our principles and, implicitly, what expectations we have from you. We reserve the right to refuse projects that are contrary to our principles.

    • filter_1Honesty and transparency.
      Regardless of your requirements, we will always provide an answer. Our feedback is sincere and if we cannot ensure that our work will bring results, we will communicate this. Since sending the offer, you will find out everything you need to know about our way of working.
    • filter_2Realistic work time.
      We convey realistic work times that we set together and always respect. We work with intermediate deadlines and we expect your feedback in an optimal time so as not to delay the project. We prioritize collaborations according to the order of the received requests.
    • filter_3Quality, not quantity.
      Google penalizes superficial content. Internet users no longer consume poor quality content. Don't expect us to write on the treadmill any time soon. Don't ask for timely content without having a strategy. Let us first set the directions.
    • filter_4Fairness.
      Our rates are not standard and they are set according to the complexity of each project. Following the initial audit, we establish the content marketing aproaches and the price offer. We respect our commitments and we are looking forward to sharing with you this value.
    • filter_5Constant communication.
      We are the voice and the orchestra. You are the image and specialist of your business. Therefore, we will constantly ask you for information about the products / services offered. We expect you to provide us with answers every time, preferably in writing, to create qualitative materials.

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