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”The example is the best perception.” Aesop

Would you like us to share the stage with you?

Every artist needs a coach. They have the opportunity to work together and prepare the best shows. Do you want your marketing team to master the mysteries of writing and content planning? Do you want the successful ideas of the campaigns to come directly from your colleagues? Let us be your copywriting and content marketing coaches. Here's how we work.

  • Let’s get acquinted!

    Lecture agenda

    Tell us what the current level of the marketing team is and what expectations do you have, what skills would you like to develop. Whether you want to create optimized content on the site or run memorable campaigns, we prepare the special course agenda tailored to your needs.
  • Vocalization

    Preparation of course support

    None of our online courses are the same. We carefully prepare the materials and examples each time so that they meet the needs of your company and your activity domain. We send the course support to you for feedback, before the training.
  • Reherasals, rehearsals

    Training support

    We start the online training on the set date and time. No matter what city your headquarters are, we use realiable platforms so that the quality of the online lectures stays the same as in the case of in-person courses. Whether it is an one-day training, two days or more, in that time we are 100% dedicated to the training of your staff.
  • Ready for concert

    Follow up

    After the seminar, we ensure that all participants receive the course support in electronic format. We keep in touch with you and your team, provide feedback on the materials created by your colleagues, and organize new course sessions, if applicable.
Cătălin Ionașcu, Trainer

Regardless of the participants’ level of knowledge, beginners or average, we make sure that everyone will reach the same level of understanding as a result of our course. We adapt to people and their immediate needs. What role do we play? Let us be your team's guide in applying the concepts of copywriting, content marketing, SEO, social media for your internal projects.

What can we do for you

For over 6 years, we have been providing trainings for all those who need knowledge in our field of activity. What we apply, day by day, at the office, we pass on. All the examples used, the exercises and the case studies presented are exclusively included in our portfolio. Here are the topics of our online courses.

  • Copywriting

    In the copywriting training, we discuss and put into practice various persuasive writing techniques, the stages of planning an advertising campaign and how to write different materials, from headlines to landing pages and social media ads.
  • Content marketing

    Every content marketer needs to think strategically. After this course, your team will develop the skills of planning but also researching, writing and adapting the content for different means such as blogs, social networks, ebooks and others.
  • SEO

    From keyword research and technical audit tools to optimized content writing and on-page and off-page SEO techniques, all of this will be discussed and put into practice in our SEO online training.
  • Social media content

    Social networks are the microphone of your brand. You always need them to be heard. At the social media online course, your team will learn how to write posts that increase interaction organically and create communities.

When the stage is big enough for two...

…then there is room for improvement!

Fill out the form and tell us what your team needs. Whether you want an online course on one of the above topics or a course that covers several areas, we will adapt and design one for you.

If you have any other questions for us, berofe requesting a quotation, send us an e-mail: contact[at]

    Why choose us?

    Investing in staff training is one of the most efficient ways to grow your business. We are ready to develop and support a unique training session, based on your company's needs. Here are our principles and the values we convey to your team.

    • filter_1We put the ideas in order.
      We have no secrets. We are willing to provide as many details as possible about our way of working and the steps that we follow in the creation processes. Our working methods can make your team be more efficient.
    • filter_2We develop perspectives.
      We know it sounds sophisticated. But it's true. Whether you have beginners, who are still searching for their muse, or you have seniors who are focused on the same approach they had learned when they received their qualification, our course can be a turning point for them.
    • filter_3We write differently.
      Do you always feel the need to refine the marketing messages written by your team? Do you want to get out of the same pattern of writing blog articles and social media posts? Let us get in touch with your team and their way of writing will change visibly.
    • filter_4Focus on the results.
      Writing and design are ways to attract traffic, leads, and sales, respectively. Do the materials created by your team not bring the desired results? Give us the opportunity to intervene. We will find out the causes, after an intense training with your team.
    • filter_5Continuous learning.
      We believe that you should never stop learning. Therefore, after each course, we are available for follow up. Has anything changed in the way your team work? Do your colleagues still need feedback? We are at your disposal.

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